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Discrimination: Be careful what you write on a job application
(7/30) In a recent case, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin—found that a district court erred by discounting the fact that the word "black" was written on an application cover page in an unsuccessful job applicant's file. This case is a good reminder to HR managers to be careful about making notes on applications or in hiring files that could be ...

More Issues For Carter: Parts Of Application Identical To Published Articles
Each day, the New London school board's special investigation into Terrence P. Carter's background has more ground to cover – as it emerged Tuesday that portions of his application essay for city school superintendent job were identical with the wording of articles published on the Internet.

3.7m job applications to drown Illawarra businesses
Controversial changes to the work-for-the-dole scheme would bury Illawarra businesses in an avalanche of paperwork because they would require the region's jobseekers to apply for more than 3.7 million jobs a year. The changes, which require applicants to ...

How To Report Your Past Salaries In An Online Job Application
If you're looking for a job these days you're undoubtedly familiar with online job applications. I call them Black Holes and I don't recommend them as a job-search channel, but I know that turning your back on online applications is a big step. You might be working your way up to it. You can start to flex your do-it-your-own-way muscles by completing your next online application a little ...

5 Job-Hunting Survival Tips For Recent Grads
Don't let the summer slump stall your job search. Take the "work" out of networking, and get busy on social media. There's no doubt the job market is different from what it was 15, or even 10 years ago. With the rapid adoption of social media for the job search and a recovering economy, college grads are likely wondering what their next move should be in this often daunting process. Read Full ...

I applied for 40 jobs in nine minutes
How to soften the blow of spamming employers with fake job applications (featuring content from The Australian government’s new job seeking requirements would lead to employers being spammed on an unprecedented scale. Jobseekers will be ...

Seven Lies That Can Sabotage Your Job Search
On a job search you need all the power you can muster. It isn't easy out there pounding the pavement, or staying at home and filling out endless job application forms. It's hard to get through a job search without a moderate-to-severe mojo drop. You wonder why it's taking so long, and rage against whoever invented keyword-searching algorithms. A job search is isolating, and causes you to doubt ...

Rundle: how job application scheme will kill the Coalition’s base
This scheme is either the height of stupidity or a masterstroke, On the stupid side, the idea of making unemployed people apply for an average two jobs a day must have been conceived by someone completely removed from reality if they think the world can ...

Yet Another Superintendent Has Been Accused of Plagiarism
Terrence P. Carter, incoming superintendent of New London, Conn. schools, appears to have lifted several paragraphs of his job application from other sources without attribution.

Industry concerned about Coalition's 40-job-applications-a month plan
Eric Abetz says having to apply for one job in the morning and one in the afternoon was not too much to ask. Photograph: Mike Bowers Business groups have raised concerns the Abbott government’s plan to force unemployed people to apply for 40 jobs each ...

5 ways to get your CV stand out
Given the cut-throat competition, how do you make hiring managers respond to your job application.

Dole overhaul: Employment Minister Eric Abetz hints at 40 job applications policy backdown
Federal Employment Minister Eric Abetz has given a strong indication the Government is willing to back down on its plan to make unemployed people apply for 40 jobs per month. The idea has been criticised by crossbench senators and several business groups ...

T.J. Maxx Job Application Just Asks Prospective Employees How Much They Plan To Shoplift
FRAMINGHAM, MA—In a move meant to streamline the company’s hiring process, representatives from T.J. Maxx confirmed Monday that the retailer’s job application now simply asks prospective employees how much merchandise they plan to shoplift.

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